Ok, ok these were taken back on September 25, 2012….personal and family photos are ALWAYS last to get edited.  My step dad Mark and I surprised my mom with an evening photo shoot on her 49th birthday.  She wasn’t feeling the greatest and he said they were going to go to dinner.  She tried to get out of it but I told her JUST GO!

I told my Dad the spot to bring her and they pulled up right as the golden hour was beginning.  I had him bring their two sweet pooches as well.  Gretta is the saddest story.  She was a puppy mill dog and they rescued her.  She was severely underweight, her teeth were all rotten and her coat was terrible.  She flourished in their care.  Unfortunately a few months after she became a “normal” dog she started going blind.  That didn’t deter any of us from giving her a high quality of life.  Queen Gretta as we call her sits on her dog bed throne all day long.  She barks when she wants water, food or to be taken outside.  If you dare cook meat in the house her barking becomes relentless.  She is the sweetest little lady and I’m so glad they could give her a happy home for the rest of her life.

Mazie is trouble with a capital T.  She is 2 years old and swears she needs ALL of the attention available to her.  She is my dog Sashas pup and I have her brother Pokey.  I am convinced they were twins.  They are both colored very similar and he has one blue eye and one brown and so does she and they are both the opposite eye.

I am so glad we were able to capture my Mom & Dad on a great day.  Most of the time when we get pictures of Mark he is putting food in his face on a family holiday and my mom generally doesn’t want her picture taken because she has been cooking & cleaning up all day.  This is their first photo shoot that they have had since they were married 12 years ago.  Love you guys!

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