I‘m Kyna…pronounced like Tina but with a K. I am the owner of Sawyer Creek Photography & Film. My hair is naturally curly. I love to laugh and will do so frequently. I’m an old soul with a gypsy spirit. I love dresses and lipstick. Traveling makes me extremely happy. The ocean is my happy place. Coffee and wine are essential parts of my day. I have 3 amazing kids who are my world. Turquoise is my favorite color. I believe you should always treat others as you wish to be treated.

I believe in love, true love. I laugh, cry, smile and direct when I am photographing a wedding. I try to become a good friend that is spending the day with you, capturing the joy and happiness and making sure all of those moments you have dreamed of since you first started planning YOUR DAY happen. I capture the candid moments that are happening as you are experiencing the day and I help to pose and create moments that otherwise might not have happened if you hadn’t entrusted me to photograph your wedding. I always love leaving a wedding feeling like I”ve made new friends.


“I’ve known Kyna longer than any of her other photographers, mainly because I have the fortune, or misfortune depending on the day, to be her brother! We both learned about photography with our dad as kids, spending time in a dark room developing pictures old school style, and I think that experience helped shape our similar views on photography. I joined Sawyer Creek when Kyna told me her business was growing so fast she couldn’t do all the wedding’s herself and wanted dependable photographers to help her expand her available wedding dates.

I try to be artistic in my shots, focusing on trying to create a sense of connection, and emotion between the subjects of my pictures. To me the background is just that, background, not the focus. The people are where my attention lay, I love when I can capture a picture that looks like the couple in it didn’t even know a camera was there. I also am a bit more of a nerdy goofball than my sister, I enjoy doing funny wedding pictures to go along with the romantic spots. So if I come photograph your wedding, I will equally enjoy setting you up for sweet, romantic pictures, and for those pictures you look back at later and laugh about.”


Lead Photographer & Lead Film Maker Chris is my “little” cousin and had worked for another local photographer and as soon as his contract was up I asked if he wanted to join SCP’s team. Since joining he has really taken on a lot of our video work. He loves to research the “newest” equipment and keep us on the cutting edge.


“I would love to chat with you and hear all the details of your dream wedding! Please fill out the form and I will respond as soon as possible!”

T: 715-416-2353

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