Sawyer Creek Photography is based out of Shell Lake, WI.  A quiet, little, lakeside town in Northwest Wisconsin where people wave hello, hold open doors and talk to their neighbors.

I started Sawyer Creek Photography because I wanted to help people capture the love, laughter and fun in their lives.  Every day the people we love change and grow and I want to help everyone capture what & who they love in a beautiful way.

I grew up with a camera in my hand and never really put it down.   I pride myself on being  affordable and providing the best quality photography in the area.  I shoot sessions in my studio, at outdoor locations and even destination shoots.

Things I Love- my children, chocolate, Coca Cola from a glass bottle, dogs, horses, TRAVELING, the feeling of the ocean pulling and pushing at my feet, Christmas, tattoos, opera, flowers, sparkly things, musicals, snowflakes, coffee, brand new pajamas, turquoise, my mom(AKA best friend), snowboarding, kisses, stars and photography.

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