This was a fun wedding to be part of. The day started out at the church in Minong, me and the groom and a few of his groomsmen waiting around for the arrival of the bride, wedding nerves and excitement in the air! The church had been beautifully decorated with a number of very neat home made items, and really gave the ceremony it’s own unique feel. The families were pretty well organized, so we managed to get the family photos taken care of without too much  hassle. The best part of the afternoon though was the first look, it was one of the most emotional, heartfelt responses I’ve ever seen from a groom, and made for a beautiful moment that I felt privileged to be able to capture for them forever.

After the ceremony we headed to Heartwood, where we braved the bugs to get some nice bridal party pictures, and then the happy couple and I went out on one of the trails for more pictures! The bride stayed brave through it all, even after a cricket launched itself onto her dress, and we found three ticks crawling on her dress and legs inside of five feet of the beginning of the trail! We got some great shots though, and the night was a lot of fun to be a part of. These two look great together, and have a noticeable chemistry that I think came through in the pictures I took.

Thank you Michelle and Michael for letting me be a part of your day!


I am photographing Landon & Taylor’s wedding next month and I can’t wait!  These two are an amazing example of young love.  When they laugh and smile at each other you can just see that its true love.  If I can give them any advice it will be that there WILL be hard days and hard times.  When those times come up in your life look back at these images and remember why you got married in the first place and find your way back to that place.


The Garner family live in Arizona but traveled up to our beautiful northwest Wisconsin for the 4th of July holiday!  We met at their parents cabin on the lake and the light was gorgeous!  I think they are a super adorable and fun family!